GAME: Plumintus

The New Year challenge!

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Play this game and get math skills by overcome the levels. Add numbers until you get the target result. Start with basic goals and improve your math skills by overcoming the difficulty levels. The game is specially designed for you to acquire mental agility when adding numbers. Play on two different modes: Timer and Infinite Timer mode is free and allow you to play over 16 different difficulty levels. You have 60 seconds to get the minimum goals set at each level to unlock next level. Play against yourself and overtake yourself in each new game.

Infinite mode is a premium feature and allow you to play without time restriction, the only limit is to fill one column numbers. Overtake you last score in each new game!

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What do people think?

Fun and challenging

At first I could not even surpass level 1, but day after day I'm improving and I'm already in level 9!


Think to play game

You need to think2play or you will lose :)


Different game

To play you need to be focused, and you need to play frequently to overcome difficulty levels.