Christmas Countdown

This 3D Christmas Countdown 2018 Live Wallpaper have a Christmas Scene with a Christmas Countdown in a snowfall of lights and with music.

How it works

Watch the video and discover how it works.


Now with Christmas Carols (music)!
This 3D Christmas Countdown 2016 Live Wallpaper have a Christmas Scene with a Christmas Countdown in a snowfall of lights. See a Christmas tree with lights and an awesome flashing lights program!
This 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper is interactive, slice your fingers to rotate camera view, tap on Christmas Countdown to begin a particle explosion and switch between Christmas Countdown and Time.

Set a 3D New Years Countdown with a full color 2016!! Go to Settings->Enable New Year 2016 and change countdown date to January 1

Now Daydream support for Android 4.2 (JELLY BEAN)!

3D Christmas sparkling countdown in a snowfall of lights with a Christmas sparkling Tree and an awesome flashing lights program!

You can disable countdown to see only the tree or modify countdown to set a New Years Live Wallpaper!

Principal features:
     3D scene
     6 different kinds of Christmas Tree
     Snowflakes mode
     Snowflakes size
     Christmas tree flashing lights program
     Day/Night customization
     Set a fixed camera angle
     Interactive switch between countdowns&clock on tap
     Rotate the view on scrolling
     Set position and scale to display time
     Customize color for snow lights and background.
     Set long date.
     Control lights fly direction.
     Scroll mode continuous

Try this Christmas Live Wallpaper in your "Nexus 6" and enjoy all graphics features!

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What do people think?

Love this countdown

Love how much you can personalize this wallpaper to your liking. The details and graphics are awesome. My kids love it. I love it. Everyone should have this app!!!


Christmas Countdown

Gets you in the Christmas mood no matter what time of the year it is. Very fun app!


Love it!!

Looks wonderful and added a hint of fun to my phone... highly recommend!!