Nature Tree

Nature live wallpaper with a tree guarded by ancient stones illuminated by stars

How it works

Watch the video and discover how it works.


Nature wallpaper: enjoy the magical essence of a secret place where a tree guarded by ancient stones are witnessing a journey through the universe.

The scene is dynamic and change the illumination along the day. Enjoy sunrises and sunsets on a time-lapse way, and see how midnight reveals the universe journey when the milky way appears.

Wind are generated on real time and move grass and flowers in an harmonic way to complete the scene essence.

This wallpaper allows you to navigate to different points of view on scene when you scroll your homes screen. Also you can set an automatic camera mode to change between scenes after a while.
If you love some scene, you can set it static on settings by deselecting all available scenes except the one you want. Also you can set a static light condition to enjoy it all the time you want.

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What do people think?


I think it's the best live wallpaper app I've ever had! It's dazzling, stunning and even a bit mesmerizing to watch. This wallpaper is worth, I simply love it!


Perfect for relaxing

Very realistic app, especialy beautifull al night!!! Highly recommended


Awesome sunset!

The sunset time-lapse is awesome, with the shadows growing over the grass! The best!