Weather Clock & Countdowns

3D Weather Live Wallpaper with awesome weather animations, clock, countdowns, show temperature and weather forecast up to 7 days.

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How it works

Watch the video and discover how it works.


This 3D Weather Live Wallpaper have awesome weather animations, clock and countdowns, show temperature and weather forecast up to 7 days, can change automatically the background color, show sun or moon and change particles direction on sunset and sunrise events. Also is interactive, and you can tap on clock and countdowns to start great particle light explosions and change between clock and countdowns and slice to rotate the 3D view.

This app is not only a weather live wallpaper, is a great app that personalize your background with great animations and useful information and that change every day!

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What do people think?

Lovely looking app

Total customizable, move to whatever position you what it to show on your screen and resize the fonts to fit. Looks great and stands out well.



Not only informative but so nice to look at"Great job"!!!


Beautiful graphics

A very interesting way to check the time and weather.