Halloween Lights

Halloween live wallpaper with lot of lights moving around pumpkins in the night.

How it works

Watch the video and discover how it works.


This colorful Halloween live wallpaper is based on the most recognizable symbols of Halloween: pumpkins and it is free to download! There are a lot of color lights alive everywhere, but they are not the only, the evil pumpkins are breathing and smiling to you! These jack-o'-lantern features a long lasting of flame, plus you can customize the color of the fire. Also, you can choose the color of pumpkins and scene. Enjoy a full moon at night. If you look at the tomb you will see "Happy Halloween" or a Halloween countdown. Enjoy this Halloween cemetery scene and have fun! If you wish rate and comment, we will appreciate your opinion.

  - Scroll works on all devices!
  - Night Mode!
  - Free Version have a countdown and 2 themes to choose, It's fun!

Features Halloween Lights Live Wallpaper Premium:
  - Day and Night Mode!
  - Automatic Random Color Change
  - Lights population (0-100)
  - It will fit just about any android devices and tablet.
  - Countdown mode.
  - Supports landscape mode
  - Supports home screen scrolling
  - Full color customizable
  - Themes for easy configuration

The spirit of Halloween is here, only 1 day of year comes but you can get it all year in your device by installing this Halloween Live Wallpaper.
How to set Halloween lights live wallpaper on the screen of your phone:
Home->Menu->Wallpaper->Live Wallpaper->select Halloween Lights Live Wallpaper

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What do people think?

The Absolute Best Halloween LW

It works so well, so many choices that the first time through I didn't get them all. The most colourful wallpaper I have ever seen. ... This wallpaper really makes Halloween FUN. Thanks Aqreadd, Ena


Cool wallpaper

This is a cool wallpaper, I really like it. I like the colors with this wallpaper it is usual for a holloween concept. Awesome.



I enjoy the vibrant colors and the fun play of lights .I could look at this for hours and not get bored.